Dr. Alice Brauner


Alice Brauner was born in Berlin. After graduating from high school, she studied Modern History, Political Science and Romance Studies (French) at the Free University of Berlin.

After working as an editor for various print media, she became an interviewer and speaker at the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. This foundation of Steven Spielberg archives testimonies of Holocaust survivors. This was followed by a doctorate at the Center for Research on Anti-Semitism at the Technical University of Berlin on “Antidemokratic and Racist Tendencies in the New Right in Germany.”

In 1999, she became a TV presenter, first at TV-Berlin and later at n-tv.

Today she is a film, television and web producer in the management of CCC Filmkunst GmbH, CCC Cinema und Television GmbH and CCC Filmstudios.

She realized her first award-winning feature film together with her father: DER LETZTE ZUG (2006). This was followed by TV films such as SO EIN SCHLAMASSEL (2009) for ARD and award-winning feature films such as WUNDERKINDER (2012) and AUF DAS LEBEN! (2014) or DIE 1000 GLÖTZBÖBBEL DES DR. MABUSE (2018). As one of the first producers in Germany, she produced the sitcom MISSION HOUSEMEN (YouTube) for the streaming portal MyVideo.

In 2017, her first documentary MARINA, MABUSE UND MORITURI premiered at the goEast! festival in Wiesbaden.

In 2020 CRESCENDO #makemusicnotwar starring Peter Simonischek, Bibiana Beglau, Daniel Donskoy Sabrina Amali and Mehdi Meskar successfully launched in German cinemas until Corona undermined the successful exploitation until then.

CRESCENDO #makemusicnotwar has been invited to over 90 festivals worldwide and has received numerous awards, including the 2020 CINEMA FOR PEACE Honorary Award. Currently, the drama is running very successfully on Amazon.

In addition to ambitious cinema material, Alice Brauner produces TV films such as the popular culture-clash comedy MATZE, KEBAB UND SAUERKRAUT (Google Play) and is responsible for the licensing business as well as the digital preservation of classics such as THE TIGER OF ESCHNAPUR, DR. MABUSE, HITLERJUNGE SALOMON or WINNETOU UND OLD SHATTERHAND and the marketing of the own CCC Filmstudios in Berlin-Spandau.

In 2015, it began the extensive renovation of its own CCC Filmstudios in Berlin-Spandau, where the entire studio portion of the first German Netflix series DARK (producer: Wiedemann & Berg) was shot from January to March 2017. 2017 saw the continuation of the successful miniseries KU’DAMM 56 under the title KU’DAMM 59 (producer: Ufa). Here, too, the entire studio portion was shot at CCC Film Studios, as was the studio portion of the third season. Other Netflix series such as DAS DAMENGAMBIT (QUEEN’S GAMBIT, producer: Netflix & X-Filme) were also shot there in 2019/2020. Since summer 2022, the elaborate shoot for the Sky series HELGOLAND 513 (producer: Ufa) has been taking place at CCC Studios.

In September 2019, she hosted the two-part documentary JÜDISCH IN EUROPA for Arte. In addition, Alice Brauner has been back in front of the camera since 2019, hosting the TV format BILDER DER GESCHICHTE for phoenix.

In late summer 2021, Alice Brauner’s book ALSO DANN IN BERLIN … (S. Fischer Verlag) was published, which became a Spiegel bestseller and is now already in its 4th edition.

She is currently developing a mini-series with the CCC about KRYPTO, the movie DER MANN, DER HITLER BESIEGTE, which is based on true events, and the satire DIE FALSCHE GRÄFIN UND DIE AUSCHWITZ-TAGEBÜCHER. This story is also based on real-life people and events.

February 2022 saw the release of her successful eight-part podcast DAS SYSTEM SÖRING (ranked #1 on Apple True Crime podcasts for weeks and now accessed over 1.500.000 times), a co-production of CCC Cinema and Television with argon.lab. The TV documentary series HOMICIDE. POWER. MEDIA. The case of Jens Soering  was shown on ARD on October 30, 2023 and has been a successful streaming hit in the German ARD streaming platform ever since.

The shooting of her new feature film MÜNTER & KADNISKY (The Blue Rider), for which she also wrote the screenplay, was finished in July 2023 and will be in Cinemas on and will be released in cinemas in Germany on October 24.

She is currently developing the screenplay for the film BLOCK 10 about the women who were forcibly sterilized in Block 10 at Auschwitz.

Alice Brauner is a member of the German Film Academy, a jury member of the German Hearing Film Award since 2017 and was a jury member of the Amnesty International jury at this year’s Berlinale